Digital Branding

In Business Digital Display Advertising 

  • Businesses can sign-up for free (get a free Digital Display Unit*);  
  • Co-op advertising & profit sharing with businesses  
  • Turn Key Solution 
  • Terms / Disclaimer 
  • TV must remain on; System will turn on/off the TV (Operational from 8am to 9pm EST); Input channel must not change.  
  • Violation of Terms results in forfeit of revenue and repossession(s) of TV(s) 
  • 60% Revenue Profit share on Organic Advertisements 
  •  If a business has another business directly sign-up/advertise by using their referral code they receive 60% of purchase.  
 32” TV 43” 50” 55” 
Cost Free 
(additional TV at 400) 
500 600 700 
Details Above is an advertising credit that they purchase to receive the larger display TV or additional TV. 

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